Zarina, our senior consultant has been together with AnsarComp for 14 years respectively. She built her career during the establishment days of AnsarComp as an Account Executive in 2007. An excellent Degree holder in Accountancy from UUM, Zarina challenged herself to involve in a totally different field and setting, operation. She was later climbed up the ladder and appointed as Assistant Manager in 2010. Due to her competency in regulatory approval application consultancy, she was designated as Manager at Ansarcomp in 2012. On top of that, Zarina functions as a reliable and certified Halal Executive and competent trainer for AnsarComp in the same year.

 The outcome is phenomenal as she successfully built rapport with various of government authorities in Malaysia, facilitating company an extravagant advantage in aiding clients in obtaining trade licenses and permits. Also managed to climb up the ladder to become a reference in various areas.

Over her 14 years together with Ansar Comp, she has managed to retain existing clients and entice new clients with her passion and commitment in offering solutions, also entertaining trade demands from clients all over the world. For instance, GOOGLE, CISCO, ZEBRA and many more.

Zarina is instrumental in providing the applicable pricing and quotation for clients’ demanded services. Having been involved in most of the pricing procedures, she becomes the reference for staffs in the pricing matter subject to any involvement with government agencies in Malaysia. Also, leading the research process for new Acts or Regulations affecting international trade to aid clients in their international trade affairs.

Proactive personnel and an opportunist who is constantly up to challenge. Zarina always views barriers and challenges as an opportunity while aims as attainable. Zarina who is our competent senior consultant has solved numbers of demand from clients involving government authorities’ approval issues.

Zarina possesses incredibly vast knowledge in import and export permit applications for various regulatory agencies such as MAQIS, MITI, Ministry of Health, Department of Veterinary Services, Department of Agriculture, Department of Environment, KPDNHEP, SIRIM and Energy Commission and many other agencies. Under her supervision and strategic plans, the consultation team manages to tackle issues and facilitates customers with appropriate resolution and alternatives, assisting customers in solving their international trade issues.

Professional Course Attended / Certification

  • Certified trainer under Train The Trainer (TTT) program from HRDF
  • Certified as Halal Executive under HPB (Halal Professional Board – 2018)
  • Certified as Accredited Competency Professional (ACP) Personnel from Institute of Leadership & Management.
  • Obtain Certificate Of Competence for Business Sustainability Solution Programme For Strategic Leaders from Annems Leadership Solution
  • Experienced in conducting Halal Training and Auditing in Local and Overseas country like Korea.