AnsarComp (M) Sdn Bhd is an established company since 2004, providing consultancy services, training and solutions in regulatory approval services in Malaysia.

“Regulatory Approvals” include import and export permit licenses, various certificates of approval (COA), Halal certificates, CITES permits, MS test reports and the likes, issued by several Government and private agencies. These regulatory approvals may sound strange to some people, but are common among importers and exporters involved in import and export activities. They are very familiar with these Regulatory Approvals

In Malaysia there are various regulatory approval agencies providing different types of import permits and certificate approvals such as: SIRIM (for communication products), Energy Commission (for electrical products), Wild Life Department (for leather products) and JAKIM (for Halal certificates), to name a few. Different product categories require different permits from different product and service approval agencies. Therefore our services are tailored to suit the demands of local and foreign importers and exporters, forwarding agents, courier services and foreign manufactures looking for a complete range of consultation services and appropriate solutions for import permit application from these regulatory approval agencies, all under one roof.

“Ansar” is an arabic word for “helpers”. We are here to help others. As the name implies, AnsarComp is to assist our clients in complying with Standard Malaysian Rules and Regulations in import and export requirements. We assist our clients by providing consultancy services from the beginning stage; before the shipment is imported until the final stage when the shipment arrives. In many cases, we assist not only in an application for import permit but also export permit for return of shipments to the country of origin.

Throughout the whole exercise we assist our clients in import and export documentation and clearance. Also in checking product requirements and all necessary regulatory approvals before shipment of goods and services.  Most important of all, to monitor closely and follow up the status of approval with regulatory agencies concerned, to facilitate the overall approval processes. We assist them with all appropriate regulatory approval requirements to ensure shipments can be cleared at custom get-away points smoothly.

We have strong connections and good rapports with various local regulatory bodies such as SIRIM, Suruhanjaya Tenaga and MITI and JAKIM to ensure rate of success in approval comes up to a satisfactory  maximum percentage. We also provide end-to-end support to our clients to ensure the approval process is done with ease of mind and, with our specialized services, our clients can focus more on their core business activities.

Up to date, we have been assisting over a thousand of applicants to get import permits and various approval certificates from more than thirty regulatory agencies in Malaysia.

After almost twenty years in the business, AnsarComp is moving towards an introduction of a “one-stop” service center for all regulatory approval services in Malaysia.