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One Stop Service Centre

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PUSAT PENYELIDIKAN KEBOMBAAN (PUSPEK) is a center on fire research & development to implement the research of science, technology and innovation of professional benefits to increase the effectiveness of Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia (FRDM).

Besides that, PUSPEK also handle and giving approval for building materials and testing for fire related system which called Sijil Pemasangan Keselamatan Kebakaran. Ansarcomp provides assistance for the new submission and also product renewal for this application. There are 27 category of building material & fire system which subjected to Sijil Pemasangan Keselamatan Kebakaran such as:

1. Lampu Tanda Keluar / KELUAR Sign
2. Lampu Kecemasan / Emergency Light
3. Pintu Rintangan Api / Fire Rated Door
4. Sesekat Api / Fire Damper
5. Gelendung Api / Fire Roller Shutter
6. Batu-Bata / Bricks
7. Bahan-Bahan Kelas ‘O’ / Class ‘O’ Material
8. Pengadang Api / Firestop
9. Dinding Drywall / Drywall Construction
10. Blok Konkrit Rongga / Hollow Concrete Block
11. Pintu Pelantar Lif Tahan Api / Fire Rated Lift Landing Door
12. Pengesan Asap / Smoke Detector
13. Pengesan Haba / Heat Detector
14. Penggera Kebakaran Manual / Manual Fire Alarm
15. Loceng Penggera / Alarm Bell
16. Kabel Rintangan Api / Fire Resistance Cable
17. Salur Bantu Mula / Fire Hose Reel
18. Kepala Sprinkler / Sprinkler Head
19. Salur Tahan Api / Fire Rated Duct
20. Tirai Asap / Smoke Curtain
21. Sistem Pengeluaran Asap / Smoke Extraction System
22. Fire Suppression System / Halon Alternative
23. Panel Penggera Kebakaran / Fire Alarm Panel
24. Alat Pemadam Api / Fire Extinguisher
25. Sistem Dinding / Wall System
26. Sistem Lantai / Floor System
27. External Cladding System

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