Junior Consultant

Syazwani, our reliable junior consultant has been together with AnsarComp for 4 years since 2016. With her phenomenal educational background in finance management, specifically banking and finance, she was appointed as a quotation personnel. Considering her soaring accomplishments, Syazwani is now allotted as a junior consultant serving active customers in import permit application.

Syazwani as an essential member of consultant team is a sourceful personnel in SIRIM import permit and certificate application. Her promising rapport with SIRIM is undeniably a virtue for obtaining the authority’s approval. With countless deals with SIRIM, her expertise upon SIRIM QAS regulations and procedures are up to the minute.

A fast paced personnel, astute and committed in aiding the customers with an accurate and vivid consultation for promising success rate.

Abide to her principle in life ‘See inconveniences as adventures’, Shazwani never fails to accomplish her task magnificently.


  • AnsarComp’s Best Support Staff 2019