Junior Consultant


Noramira, our determined junior consultant, has been together with AnsarComp for 4 years since 2018. A reliable and competent junior consultant that is responsible for Import documentation and procedures, who excellently manages numbers of client and projects. Also, apparently dealing and responsible for MAQIS agency approval, resulting ample knowledge involving documents necessary for MAQIS approval. In addition, monitoring her team in the work flow ensuring the success of the project.

A proactive personnel, always up to the minute when it comes to updates over MAQIS regulatory approval changes solely to aid customers in providing the approval. An optimist, positive and reliable personnel with a high determination to complete the task brilliantly within the deadlines and to customers’ expectations.

Noramira, a pleasant and an informative junior consultant who can perfectly assist you in your global trade affairs.

‘Be proactive. Stop waiting for others around you to do something and take action yourself instead’ has forever becoming Noramira’s principle in life that shapes her into who she is today.


  • AnsarComp’s High flyer 2020
  • Best Ansarian Award (Muslimat 2020)