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Mohd Zaini Bin Mohd Yatim is the founder & CEO of AnsarComp (M) Sdn Bhd. He started his career at Maxis Communications Bhd since 1995 in the logistics department dealing with SIRIM Type Approval and import permit applications for all Maxis network equipment. He had vast experiences with SIRIM policies and procedures as well as customs acts, MCMC acts, tariff codes and SIRIM regulatory approval with regards to import and export permit applications for communication products and electrical products. With the increasing demand in obtaining the SIRIM approval by the clients he met at SIRIM during that time, he finally decided to leave Maxis to start a consultancy service in type approval and import permit. It was initially registered as AnsarComp Enterprise in 2001 under Small Office & Home Office (SOHO) concept.

AnsarComp (M) Sdn Bhd, was then incorporated in August 2004 with two shareholders and directors. He appointed himself as the Managing Director while the other one is an Executive Director. Being the founder and the Managing Director, he started to grow the business, set the company vision and mission, managed the employees’ performance and successfully built trust and excellent rapport with SIRIM officers and obtained mouth-to-mouth referrals from clients, locally and abroad.

He is known as a risk taker, dedicated and brave person to take new challenges in business. He is generous, creative, innovative, and always have new ideas.

He is passionate about entrepreneurship, technology, and spends a significant amount of time in building AnsarComp group of companies. After 18 years managing the company, AnsarComp expanded the business by having two other new companies which are AnsarComp Paradigm (M) Sdn Bhd and AnsarComp Hospitality Sdn Bhd, focused on different other businesses.

AnsarComp, is leading towards the one-stop centre for its clients by having multiple regulatory approval services includes Energy Commission, National Wild Life, MAQIS, MITI and JAKIM for Halal certification services.

At present, after the new company restructures, he is appointed as CEO for AnsarComp Groups of companies. With the commitment of his management team and dedicated employees, he managed to transform AnsarComp to be the preferred approval specialists company in Malaysia, dealing with many major clients, big players and brands in the communication industry, at international level such as CISCO, DHL, Apple and Google, just to name a few.

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