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An outstanding leader and a strategist who views business from an incredibly creative and innovative perspective. Currently, a Chief Operating Officer (COO) at AnsarComp, Mrs. Ramlah Hamad, is well known as personnel who knows exactly keys to identify and develop her employees’ talents to their maximum potential. The team members manage to recognize the gems in themselves with her allotting their career strategy, leadership development as well as other relevant tasks. In doing so, she succeeds brilliantly in producing competent consultants and staff who are reliable in assisting and aiding customers in trade affairs.

A critical thinker and opportunist, she visualizes issues optimistically from a ‘bird’s eye view’, which enables her to digest and comprehend the issues from a bigger picture, converting and leveraging barriers, and challenges to business opportunities. Mrs. Ramlah personally leads her team members by actively involved in corporate training, business coaching and consultation in regulatory approval services. The results are remarkable.

Ramlah Hamad grows her business locally and globally through her technical, digital and strategic marketing plans, forging the name of AnsarComp as a reliable regulatory consultant, solving clients’ international trade matters.

A person who walks the talk, Ramlah is passionate in consultation and business management activities, and spends her valuable time growing and expanding her business to an international entity in the trade. The company’s engagement and involvement in numerous research, projects and excellent rapport with government authorities have made the company a major player in its field. The success rate for projects entrusted to the company is ensured 100 percent due to Ms. Ramlah’s expertise in regulatory approval agency procedures, which are prerequisite in order to be able to deal with more than twenty regulatory agencies like SIRIM, Energy Commission (Suruhanjaya Tenaga), MITI, WildLife and JAKIM for Halal industries in Malaysia. The approval from those agencies is promising given the numerous companies, business and personnel have succeeded obtaining their certificates and permits via Ramlah’s strategic plans followed by our company’s competent assistance.

Growing the business to the phenomenal level it is now, the company that started medium sized back in 2004 has now leading towards the top company in regulatory approval services. AnsarComp is now a reliable one stop service center providing potential customers an international trade compliance solution.

Educational Background:

Ms Ramlah holds an MBA from the Graduate School of Management, University Putra Malaysia. She completed two bachelor degrees from International Islamic University of Malaysia, which are B.A in Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage (IRKHS) in 1995, followed by B.A Human Sciences Communication in 1996.

Later on, she pursued a trainer certification programs that is the “Train the Trainer” organized by HRDF and the Accredited Competency Professional (ACP) from the Institute of Leadership and Management.

She was featured as one of the distinguished personnel in Dr. Sakinah Salleh’s book “10 Tokoh Idola Muslimah” in 2013 in recognition for her excellent twenty years experiences in administration, consultation, management, and customer services.

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