• 4th May 2021
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The seized of total 1,208kg of rose cuttings from Ethiopia in an inspection administered by The Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services (MAQIS) reported due to disobedience over Malaysia’s Importation Regulation in terms of permit number and phytosanitary certification opacity.

The sentence given if convicted is definitely commensurate with the offence by risking nation’s biosecurity with the possible disease and pest infecting crops and agriculture system in Malaysia.

The act of importing agricultural products without complying with the import conditions as stated in the permit, license and valid certificate is an offence under Section 15 (1) and Section 15 (2) of the Malaysian Quarantine & Inspection Services Act 2011.

Legally, any importation of agricultural products should be complimented with Import Permit (IP), phytosanitary certificate and undergoes Post Entry Quarantine (PEQ). Also, compulsory to be complimented with lists of documents such as invoice, packaging list, K1 form and many more to the list.

AnsarComp as an agency that know full well the compliance for MAQIS regulation and approval is without doubt, an ace in aiding clients importation that is full compliance. No more worries over MAQIS approval and inspection as your permit application will be as legal as never before.

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