• 1st April 2021
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In the hustle and bustle of modern life, there are so many important elements that you are obliged to have access to in a swift manner. Whether you are an iPhone or android user, it is unavoidable to be reliable to smartphone these days. Considering the charms it offers for instance connectivity, functional, efficiency and conveniency, it is justifiable that people hold on to their smartphones dearly.

However, what if the device that you put your life onto is hazardous? Did you know that without the MCMC e-label in your smartphone, your device is basically unsafe to use. The absence may degrade the quality of service received from communications service providers, a possibility of frequency interference to communication services. The worst scenario, you might actually purchase a cloned smartphone. The motive of possessing it will no longer be convenient.

However, fret not as all the drawbacks can be averted by checking the MCMC e-label stored in a device operating system or firmware. How? “Check Your Label” a campaign under Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), launched to create awareness among consumers on the importance of purchasing communication devices with a valid MCMC label. The campaign is also intended to educate consumers on how they can verify the validity of MCMC label by using Check Your Label mobile application or through a website provided. But, prior to the checkup, download the ‘Check Your Label ‘ mobile apps followed by inserting the IMEI number and the result is yours, whether the MCMC logo shown on your screen or contrarywise.


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