I’m using hand sanitizer before entering the mosque to pray

– will it effect my solat?

Congratulations and alhamdulillah, because you have been chosen to be the guest of Allah in his mosque, at a time when many other Muslims long for congregational prayers.

According to the FDA, ethyl alcohol (ethanol), isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) or benzalkonium chloride are the main ingredients in every hand sanitizer product and are most effective in killing germs.

Until now, using a hand sanitizer is the minimum step to kill COVID germs, in addition to always washing hands and wearing face protection.

For Muslims, alcohol is categorized as najs and Muslim cannot pray with najs on either body, clothes or even the place of prayer.

However, the 7th Fatwa Committee Muzakarah discussed this matter and decided that: Every alcoholic beverage contains alcohol, but not all alcohol are intoxicating. Alcohol from the process of fermentation is haram and najs, but alcohol made not through the process of making alcohol (synthetic) is not najs but illegal to drink (poison).

Therefore, it is permissible to pray after using hand sanitizer which contained alcohol. See also Irsyad Al-Fatwa Series 185: using alcohol swabs and alcoholic perfumes, is also not haram to use. (Perfumes use synthetic alcohol, while alcohol swabs are intended to kill germs)



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