Halal slaughterhouse is a slaughterhouse (either chicken, cow, etc.) accredited as halal by JAKIM.

To date, there are 154 companies and 156 halal accredited slaughterhouses all over Malaysia. Each facility has to follow a strict set of procedures called the halal food – production, preparation, handling and storage – general guidelines.

Ever wonder what activities happened inside a halal slaughterhouse? Refer below.

Chickens batch will arrive at night or at least 7 pm to be slaughtered 


The chicken will be weighted as a standard SOP


Later, the chicken will be sprayed with clean water to cool them down and to clean the cage


A team of workers will get themselves prepared with proper attire before the slaughtering process


The chickens will go through a bath-stunning process before being slaughtered


At the slaughtering line, a worker will watch a timer and allow at least  3 minutes 45 seconds to ensure each chicken is dead and its blood drained


Another worker will conduct a spot check to ensure oesophagus, trachea and two main arteries are severed


The slaughtered chicken, then are washed with hot water (60-62 degrees Celsius) to remove feathers


Finally, a line of worker will check to ensure that there are no leftover feathers or broken bones


The chicken later cooled in an ice bath before being cut


It is now ready to be delivered to wet markets and eatery chains




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