• 17th February 2020
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Ever wonder, what is the meaning of “AnsarComp”?

Is this an Arab-linked company? Owned by a rich Emir of Dubai?

Or you kept mistakenly thought we sell COMputer?

For the first time, AnsarComp’s COO, Mrs Ramlah Hamad, in a series of branding and positioning of AnsarComp brand, explain that it is a combination of 2 words, “Ansar” and “Comp”.

What is Ansar?

The word “Ansar” (الأنصار‎) means ‘the helper’ in the Arabic language. Ansar also originates from the history of Ansar people, which refers to the inhabitant of Medina city in Arabia which helped Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and Muhajirun people from the city of Makkah during the event of Hijra (emigration) in year 622.  The Ansar people were willing to sacrifice their belongings including wealth, home, cattle’s and more in order to help the Muhajirun people who left their place empty-handed as a result of threats by the Quraysh tribe.

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The event, overwhelmed Mrs Ramlah as she is impressed with the effort and sacrifices by Ansar people to the Muhajirun. She decided to integrate the same “Ansar Spirit” in her business – as a helper to the customers who wish to obtain an import permit from agencies such as SIRIM, ST and others.

What is Comp?

“Comp” is the short word for ‘compliance’, which means to “obey and follow all regulations”. This mean, we encourage our customer to comply with all regulations set in order to obtain a permit, while we assist the processes.

That’s how AnsarComp got its name.

For more details you can watch our recently uploaded video from our Facebook page (with English caption).

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