Let say: you want to import a smart refrigerator from South Korea. You have prepared for any import documentation process (Custom form, ST’s COA, Release Letter, SLP) and others, but when the fridge arrived at the port, the Royal Malaysian Custom (Kastam) hold your fridge. Why?

This is because your fridge is not a regular refrigerator. It is one of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, or also known as a smart home appliance. IoT devices contain wireless module or Bluetooth module and connect with your home WiFi in order for you to control the smart appliance by apps from smartphone and also remotely by the Internet.

In another word, since smart fridge contains communication module (like WiFi/Bluetooth), it is categorised under the Communication & Multimedia products, since the device is able to communicate and send messages with any other devices. In fact, you can post on your Facebook wall by using your fridge!

What other permit required to import a smart fridge?

Type Approval (TA) is a permit under SIRIM which are required for any electrical devices with a communication module. Normally it is for computers, notebooks, tabs, smartphone, phone, and other common communication devices but since smart appliance contains communication module, TA is required for the said devices.

Other than TA permit, you need to obtain a valid test report from the company of the smart fridge manufacturer. So that, SIRIM can verify that your appliance is safe to be used in Malaysia since smart appliances is a new technology. SIRIM must first test the appliances to ensure its safeness.

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