Suspected pig's intestine in MILO drinks from a viral video

Recently there is a newest halal issues that had become viral in social media and social messaging apps like WhatsApp about a video recording by a person who claimed he / she found something looks like pig’s intestine in Nestle Milo chocolate malt (1 litre pack) that he / she recently bought.

1) JAKIM Malaysia have liaised with Nestle Malaysia and confirmed that the thing shows in the images from the viral is NOT pig’s intestine but a milk lump / coagulated milk. It is formed when the milk is past of its expiry date.

2) Nestle Malaysia is trying to contact the source of the viral video to investigate further the reason why the milk coagulated. If anyone have the same issue as above, you are welcome to contact Nestle customer service at 1800 883 433 or at website

3) You can also contact the Food Safety and Quality Division (BKKM) of Ministry of Health Malaysia to learn more about food safety and quality in our country.


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