To the holder of dealer and taxidermy license from WILDLIFE Malaysia (Jabatan Perlindungan Hidupan Liar dan Taman Negara Semenanjung Malaysia – PERHILITAN), it is very important for you to manage your logbook properly as it will affect the renewal process of your license.

What is Dealer & Taxidermist License?

Dealer / Taxidermist License issued by WILDLIFE Malaysia (Perhilitan)

Dealer & Taxidermy License (Lesen Peniaga / Taksidermi) is one of 4 types of licenses by WILDLIFE Malaysia and granted to 4 types of businesses:

  • Pet Shop : keeping and selling any protected wildlifes (alive) by WILDLIFE Malaysia.
  • Boutique : Import and selling any products or accessories processed from parts of wildlife such as leather handbag, watch, shoe, and others.
  • Drugstore : Only for selling traditional medicines which contains body or organs parts from wildlife such as liver, tongue, heart, and others.
  • Taxidermy : Preserving entire body or parts of wildlife for exhibition, sale, or any other purposes.

Managing logbook



The wildlife dealer / taxidermist logbook (Daftar Peniaga / Taksidermi Hidupan Liar) is a book provided by WILDLIFE Malaysia to all holders of Dealer & Taxidermy License. The licensee is required to record every transactions of selling any products involved with wildlife such as purchase, selling, transfering (maintenance / repair), procurement (getting raw wildlife carcasses or parts from licensed hunter or dealer), import or exports of products and others.

  • Purchase / Procurement : buying raw wildlife carcasses or parts (eg: leather skin) from WILDLIFE Malaysia’s licensed hunter or dealer, or buying ready made products (eg: leather bag) from licensed dealer.
  • Selling : when a customer entered licensee outlets and purchase a products originated from CITES wildlife, the seller must record the transaction in logbook including date of purchase, quantity bought by customer, customer’s name, and receipt number.
  • Import / Export : trading products with dealer outside Malaysia. For example, importing leather bag from a dealer in Italy. CITES permit is required.
  • Transfering products temporarily for reasons such as maintenance or repair.

For a licensee who own more than one premise, they must purchase additional logbook for every premise they own. For example, a leather products boutique company have 2 outlets, which is at Pavilion and KLCC. Therefore the owner must purchase 2 logbooks, one for Pavilion outlet and one for KLCC outlet. The logbook must strictly record every transactions within the outlet only (For example, logbook for Pavilion outlet is not allowed to record transactions from KLCC outlet).

Logbook records are required when there is any transactions involves with any products originated from CITES wildlife only. Non-CITES wildlife products are not required to be recorded.

Why logbook is important?

Every licensee required to record all transaction of CITES wildlife products in logbook in order to prevent misuse, smuggling and any other offences as described in Act 716 Wildlife Conservation Act 2010 (Akta 716 – Akta Perlindungan Hidupan Liar 2010)

During the license renewal process, a complete logbook must be presented. Failure of entering records in logbook, incomplete records, or any other mistakes will cause the renewal of your license application rejected by WILDLIFE Malaysia.

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