• 16th October 2019
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Cheaper at a high cost.

Illegal android box in the black market is offered cheaper than in open market as seller are pushing the inventory out as fast as they can. But this is the time, you should be curious when something is cheaper than usual. Especially when according to MCMC, most Android Box in Malaysia is failed to comply with SIRIM certification.

  1. The certification purposed is to make sure the android box are complied to the Malaysian Standard operating system and especially to prevent interference with other frequencies set for other devices.
  2.  An illegal Android Box might be planted with spyware which can collect personal and your sensitive info, such as financial data.
  3. Other than the technical aspect, an illegal android box might be streaming illegal content which is against intellectual property act and encourage piracy.

So, be a responsible seller.

Contact our consultant for assistance on any SIRIM certifications. Being SIRIM preferred consultant, we are honored to say we have thick 15 years of experience as our resume.

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