• Did you know that electrical products in your home require COA before it can be imported and sold in Malaysia?
  • What exactly is COA?
  • Who should care about COA for electrical products?
  • Why COA is so important?

Certificate of Approval or Permit issued by Energy Commission (ST) to manufacturer and importer for regulated electrical equipment which has bee certified as complying with the specified standards, technical specification, technical checklist and/or technical declaration.

The objective for the issuance of COA under the Electricity Regulations 1994 is to ensure that all activities to manufacture, import, display, sale, or advertisement of any domestic equipment meets the specified safety and efficient use of electricity requirements.WHO NEED COA?
Manufacturer, importers, exhibitors, sellers, and advertisers of any electrical equipment prescribed under sub-regulation 97(1), of the Electricity Regulations 1994.

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