Based on our database from 2012 to 2019, we can conclude that:

◾️ At least, there are 23 species of wildlife (from snakes, cats, fowl, to crocs family) are made into luxury accessories

◾️ Out of that, 16 species are made into handbags – that is 70% of market share in the fashion industry

◾️ From that 16 species, 11 require CITES permit – from various countries

◾️ 3 species which not require CITES are all snakes from south-east Asia

◾️ If your handbag is imported from Australia, Canada & Mexico, and made of lynx fur or crocs skin – it definitely requires a special permit

◾️ Non-competitive products are wallet & keychain as it does not require CITES and a mere 5% of market share

For detail species, country of origin or exact permit require, kindly book your appointment with our consultant here


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