• 10th September 2019
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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]IOR and EOR services are one of our unique services that give a significant impact on import and export activities for our clients in Malaysia since almost the past 10 years. Importer of Record (IOR) and Exporter of Record (EOR) refer to the company that becomes the consignee to import and to export the products. IOR and EOR services refer to the company that offers services as the appointed importer and exporter of the products or the consignee, without having the ownership of those products. The owner of the products in this context can be the end-user or the consumer or the distributor that purchases the products.

In fact, not all products can be imported easily as most products fall under certain regulations and subject for product certifications and import permits requirements by the local government authorities. In Malaysia, all communication products that have wireless devices and certain radio frequencies like mobile phones, wireless gadgets and many other wireless products, must be certified by SIRIM or the so-called Certification of Conformance (COC), before those products can be sold and used in Malaysia. This COC must be applied under the importer or the consignee by model basis. Once the COC is obtained then only the import permit can be applied under that importer. So, in this case, the importer is responsible to have the proper approvals for the products before the shipment takes place, otherwise, the import permits cannot be issued and the products will be stuck at custom getaways. In other words, it is necessary for the importers to ensure all those shipments comply with local regulations prior to importation by having proper product certification to avoid any problems with shipment clearance.

It is also important to note that any certified products cannot be shared and exchanged with other importers. Therefore, the idea of having the IOR and EOR services here are relevant to simplify the importation process whereby all the approvals for the goods are obtained under those appointed as IOR but the goods are shipped directly to different consumers who purchase the goods. In this case, consumers as the ownership of the goods do not have to think about the import permit and regulatory approvals process anymore but they still can import the products with ease and yet comply with the standard regulations.

Who is suitable for these IOR/EOR services? These services are very practical for online business (for bulk shipment) and also for those foreign companies that need to import their products for their distributors in Malaysia. So far AnsarComp has offered these IOR and EOR services for few big international companies that export their communications products to Malaysia. With our proven track record of our IOR/EOR business model, since almost the past 10 years, our clients are able to clear their shipments on a timely basis with less headache on the importation approval process.

The diagram above shows our roles for being IOR & EOR for our clients.

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Get our consultant to be in contact with you with regards to IOR/EOR or other services. We are happy to serve you with our vast experience in this line. See you there!


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