Maybe your staff had tried to find a solution to make your application approved smoothly, but something always missed out. Something always delays unexpectedly. They always give you excuses like CITES application always using jargon, terms, act, and rules, your team found as complicated and tedious. As a businessman, you only want to make sure supplies are met.

This is some of the popular species which required CITES before their products are allowed to be imported to Malaysia :

  • BOB CAT (Scientific name : Lynx Rufus)
    Products : Wind Coat, Jacket, etc
  • PYTHON BIVITTATUS (Scientific name : Burmese Phyton)
    Products : Jacket, Clutch Bag, Credit Card Case, etc
  • RED JUNGLEFOWL (Scientific name : Galus-galus)
    Products : Key-chain, Accessories, etc
  • NILE CROCODILE (Scientific name : Crocodylus Niloticus)
    Products : Handbag, Watch Strap, Sandle, Pouch Bag, etc
  • Water Monitor (Scientific name : Varanus Salvator)
    Products : Bag Wallet. Shoes, etc

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